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Sports Car


Everyone would like to own a sports car. Well now you may have the chance to, even if it is small and plastic!

It is 10 studs wide, 24 studs long and is made of 255 bricks, which means it would fit in perfectly with the Creator series of cars. It includes:

  • An opening boot at the front
  • Opening doors
  • An opening engine cover at the back (you have to fold the seats forward to open it)
  • A V8 engine
  • 4 exhausts
  • A large rear spoiler
  • A registration plate at the back

The interior includes:

  • 2 bucket seats
  • A gear stick
  • A detailed dashboard with dials and touchscreen
  • A steering wheel

It can be converted to left-hand drive if you want. I would have rendered a picture of the interior too, but the decals didn't show up on BlueRender.

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