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Mini Scorpion

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Hi all

First of all thank you all for your support. I am really glad to see that my ideas isn't a waste of time.

It doesn't seem that my project will get anywhere near a chance to be a product but it doesn't stop me for sharing my ideas so
that you still can built them yourself if you wish to.

My only reason to post ideas here was to share them with you guys so I will share some more and if you like them
then here a link where you can get the assembly guide :)

Thanks again



Hi all

First of all thank you for the support :)

I have listed to the ideas and have now made a set for each of the races.
Got a little trouble with making the Gallente ships though but there is now
a Minmatar, Caldari and a Amarr set with battleships.


Minmatar set:

Caldari set:

Amarr set:


Hope you like them and if you got some ideas for making the Gallente ships please do contact me :)

Hope to see you all over there ;)

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