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Golden Gate Bridge


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After nearly 25 Years without LEGO (i am 38) i recovered my LEGO skills after searching for my old LEGO CLASSIC SPACE and MEDIEVAL and rebuilding those things on last christmas for the kids of my sister. After that i discovered the actual LEGO Themes like Architecture and thought of buying the LEGO TOWER BRIDGE. Then i remembered that i haven't been to London yet, but last year visited the West Coast of the US and of Course San Francisco and LA. We drove 3 times over the GGB with our Mustang Convertible and i got caught by the beauty and the simplicity of the GGB.
So i searched the web for a LEGO GGB. I found a few...
The Problem is: if you want it very detailed u have to build a really big one...but nearly all of the big ones and the small ones i found don't match the scale of the real GGB (the measure between the height of the towers and the length of the parts of the bridge) so i started to think, to plan and to build to find a good compromise between the real scale to show the real silhouette of the bridge and to show as many details as possible with LEGO in a with of 2m (to fit on an ikea shelf e.g. ).

Here is the result, the sum of pieces will follow...the build is not finished yet, because the landside of sausalitos will follow.

i would be very glad if you vote for my own designed LEGO project and perhaps all the people who love this fantastic Bridge (in my opinion one of the most famous sights in the world) sometimes will have the possibility to build their own GGB an have it on their shelves on the living room like i have :-)


Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to catch the beauty of that build but i think you get an impression.
Feel free to send me requests of other perspectives

this is a side view, as you can see the bridge shows the same proportions as the real one. On the right side a landside with the sheer will follow until the first tower. the complete build is not finished yet

here you can see the fine details on the tower: the crosses, and the three-dimensional design of the post of the tower.

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