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International Harvester T-340


A blast from the past. This iconic LEGO model is a replica of the International Harvester T-340. Features traditional red color scheme, working positions, headlights, scale engine, spinning swivel chair, detailed dashboard, and working pistons. It even includes the white stripe down the side.

 I was inspired to build this LEGO model by the real thing. My Dad ownes the full size version. I believe that this model would be a good LEGO set because it looks like the real thing and an old LEGO model from the 80’s. 

This model is for tractor and history lovers. It looks great and is a sturdy build. I would really like this to become a LEGO set I think it is a great set for all ages and has great potential as a LEGO model.

Also in the future I plan to possibly add a bucket and back hoe. 

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