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LEGO Jurassic World Mercedes-Benz



This is a model of a vehicle seen in the movie Jurassic World. It is a Mercedes-Benz. I wasn't too happy with the official LEGO version of the car, so I wanted to make an improved model that actually looked something like what was in the movie.


I made this model in LEGO Digital Designer, and rendered it using Bluerender. 

Like in the movie, the sides of the car feature blue and black stripes running along them. There is a Jurassic World logo on each door. The front grille has the bullbar bumper, and features the Mercedes logo. The rear of the car has a spare tire affixed to the back hatch. The roof and side windows also come off to access the interior. 

Since in LDD you cannot put decals on dinosaurs, I didn't add any, but in my mind this set would come with a guard minifig and a velociraptor.

Any feedback is much appreciated! This is my first idea here on LEGO Ideas, so I wasn't quite sure how this is supposed to work.

If you support this idea, then I give you my utmost thanks.

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