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Special Ops Androids


Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Special Ops Androids.  These four robots use parts in interesting ways to get the job done.  Plus, they all can fly, battle, and party.  The first (left) is Stomper. He has powerful guns and even more devastating feet to trample any trouble.  He has rocket boosters on his back, so he can take the mission sky high.  Next is Hermit Crab.  He may be tiny, but this gold droid has razor sharp swords and the biggest blaster on the team.  If he needs to fly, he can take the blaster off and activate his jet feet.  Third in line is Turbo.  Turbo's got a versatile turret, and the ultimate engine.  Finally, we have Crimson.  This four legged menace has two optical sensors. he can use his cannons when using the first, and use the same cannons as rockets when using the other.  Together, these four robots can conquer the world or save it!  Thanks for checking this out!

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