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Vehicle Set


This set features quite a lot of different vehicles! This includes a sports car, a pickup truck, a old fashioned car, a bus, and a car carrier. It also comes with a bus station, a bike, and seven LEGO characters.

The bus can hold up to five passengers. Its roof can be removed to insert the LEGO characters.

The car carrier, though the set only comes with three cars, can hold up to four cars. The top of the trailer of the car carrier can be folded down to create a flatbed trailer, which can hold two cars. There are access ramps that can be folded up on both the top and bottom levels of the trailer. The truck that pulls the trailer can hold on LEGO character, and its roof is on hinges so it can be flipped up fit the LEGO character.

The sports car, old fashioned car, and the pickup truck can all hold one LEGO character. The pickup truck's roof must be removed to fit a LEGO character.

The bike can fit one LEGO character.

The station has a coffee maker and three mugs.

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