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Girls In STEM


   Girls In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) aims to show the women found throughout engineering in their various fields. This set includes 4 girls hard at work in robotics, mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering. Each girl comes with their own base plate on which their workstation is assembled along with their projects. The robotics engineer can be seen working on her robot as the radio plays in the background. Meanwhile, the mechanical engineer is building her fuel-efficient car for the next race and the aerospace engineer is busy examining the satellite or perhaps finishing up her rocket. Finally, the biomedical engineer is testing out her newly designed prosthetic on a patient. While there are so many more types of engineering out there, I hope this set can be a starting point for which girls and boys can let their imaginations run wild. 

   As a woman engineer myself, growing up LEGO gave me the opportunity to create based on my interests, but I often could not find a female minifigure who did not have a Damsel in Distress face. In fact, even with all the LEGO in my household, I still had a hard time finding appropriate faces for the Girls In STEM set. This set would give the LEGO universe a more diverse array of women and show the various careers that build a society. I would love your support!

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