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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Children's Delight Room.


Come and visit the delicous Children's delight room! Based on the popular and original, Charlie and the Chocolate factory.       There's Willy Wonka with his two Oompa loompa's to help with the Chocolate factory, and Charlie Bucket with his Grandpa Joe. Join them and explore the room of delight.

Take a look at the chocolate waterfall rushing downwards to create a creamy river, as coloured pipes on a platform suck the chocolate up for Wonka Bars. Or perhaps you would like to take a stroll along the peppermint path and over the bridge to walk among the candy mushrooms and trees. Don't forget to try some of the delicous fruity lollipops, that sprout over the edible green grass.  

I had heaps of fun making this idea, specially making the characters. The 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' movie is one of my favourites, so naturally I enjoyed creating this idea.

I believe this would make a great lego set because everyone loves Charlie and the Choclate factory, specially kids. I'm sure people are going to want to own one of these.

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