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City: Pirate's Playground!


Arrgh, me hearties, ahoy there!

Some of the coolest playgrounds around have a nautical, pirate ship feel, so why should Lego City's playground be any different?!

This Ship-shaped build features everything a playground needs; a rickety chain bridge, the whizzy-dizz, monkey bars, slide, sand pit, and even a swing!

Also built with adaptability-to-other-sets in mind, the playground is complimented by a bus stop and foot-path, otherwise known as a sidewalk.

With every feature being playable, Kids will have a ball with this playset, and adult fans might appreciate it's sleek, natural design. 

The only thing missing is a sunny day!

This set could come with a unique set of minifigures- Mothers and Children, around 4-6 would make this set complete, especially if they had micro builds such as a pram or picnic lunch.

We hope you enjoy this set as much as our hypothetical minifigures could, and thanks heaps for any support we may receive!

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