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Philae Temple


The File Temples are the complex of temples rising on the homonymous Nile island in Egypt.

Next to the temple is the Traiano Kiosk.

The temple in ancient times stood in another position, but in 1977 it was necessary to move the temple to avoid that it would be submerged after the Aswan dam was cleansed. Today the temple can only be reached by boat. The Chiosco next door was erected by the Roman emperor Traiaino, but nothing is known of its functions, and of the reason it was erected. The set faithfully reproduces the temple and the kiosk as they appeared in antiquity. Ever since I visited Egypt I've fallen in love with its monuments and I'm sure the lego is perfect to reproduce these wonders. Thank you so far, who will support this project from now on by now

This set faithfully reproduces the temple and the kiosk. I already thank those who want to support this project up to the next ...

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