Product Idea

2-In-1; Car Showroom, and Auction House.

This is our two in one car Showroom, and Auction House. The build can be changed into either of these two builds without taking anything apart. This Lego set idea includes the following:
A race car and a retro truck; that we tried to make as original as possible.
An auctioneer stand that folds into a toolbox; with a stepping stool that attaches to the stand, 4 tools, an auctioneer hammer, two paintings, 2 possible lights, 2 bidding signs, and a brick separator.
A spinning car display platform.
A "fake" frog on the dashboard of the truck (Or is it fake? Check picture 9).
A checkerboard flooring, measuring 34 by 48 Lego studs at it's widest points. 
Finally, three Lego minifigures.
We built this set because we enjoy building sets that have many different play features and are very customizable. We think that this would be a great Lego set because, there is no shortage to the various ways you can arrange the set to your liking and imagination of what this build is and what it could be.