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Are you tired of inner Lego city rent prices and the hustle of everyday life? Maybe it's time you left the busy rat-race behind and got yourself a more affordable and laid back way of living.

At only 640 pieces, this Trailer is an affordable option even for those minifigs who have aren't rolling in stiff plastic money. It features a sofa/bed a kitchenette and a semi-safe patio for enjoying your outdoor space in this homely 32x32 studs plot of land.

Other features include pre-installed satellite dish, an outside generator and some propane gas for cooking in your cosy and mostly safe kitchenette.

The yard features a classic automobile which can be used as bonus storage space or an inefficient greenhouse for your wild plants, and if you don't like it, tough, because we aint moving it.

If you are interested in this once in a lifetime real estate opportunity, Contact Pix027 by pressing the 'support' button shown on this page.

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