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LEGO Zelda

The Image you see above is the start of a NEW Legend. It is my Vision for LEGO: The Legend of Zelda. This is a zet I designed entitled: Temple of Time OoT. I Like others better, but i thought I might design my own. This is the way my project would work: Each Zelda game would get it's own Generation of Sets. Gen 1 would Be Oot, 2:TP, 3:MM, 4:SS, etc. There would be a $15.00 set for each Dungeon, a 15-20$ Set for each boss, and a 35-50$ set for each Town. Lastly, Each Final Boss would get a 100$ Set. This would work very well & continue on for a while. :)
Here are some examples of other Sets to Buy:

The Great Deku Tree ^^ $15.00

Forest Temple ^^ $15.00
In closing, Every set would come with Adult/Child Link, Navi, and Any additional items.

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