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Tortoise and the Hare


Hey guys! This is my new LEGO set series, Storybook Haven. These sets are based off of your favorite stories and books! Basically, all these characters live in the same place, Storybook Haven. This is the first set, Tortoise and the Hare, based off of the original story! Here's the story to this set: Uh oh! Looks like Hare has been sleeping along in the middle of the race, and Tortoise is almost at the finish line! Who will win? This time, you decide! Here is what you can do in the set:

  • Reenact the original story of Tortoise and the Hare.
  • Think up your own twist to the story! Like, maybe Hare won, or maybe it was a tie?

This set includes:

  • 2 Critters, Tortoise and Hare.
  • 5 Pieces to play with!
  • A green 8 x 16 base.

Also, every 100 supporters, I will try to post a new set! So, please keep on supporting! 

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