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Lego City Clock Tower


Hello everyone! Being my first project, I tried to make this LEGO set as detailed, and profetional as possible. My idea was that folks could build this realistic clock tower model to fit inside their LEGO city and go along side a town square or train station etc. The tower features a working, modern looking door, and the top section (with the actual clock on) that can be removed, creating easy access to the workplace inside the tower, which has a couple of seats and a desk to work on. Some ornaments have been added to the top section, to make the tower even more eye catching, and both roof - top sections have some discoloured peices (reddish brown or dark red instead of red) that make it more realistic. I've also included two minifigures, a photographor and an office worker.

There is also an extra peice with a brick built bench on, that can fit perfectly onto the side of a road baseplate, also with a bin for your minifigure's rubbish!


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