Product Idea

Battle at Wulong Forest-Ozai vs Aang

This is a a set that displays the final battle between Aang and Ozai in the Avatar The Last Airbender series. It contains over 3200 bricks, and comes with Aang, Ozai and Momo minifigures. Aang should be a topless minifigure with black pants, an avatar state face and come with the air shield, water pieces, large fire pieces and (optional) a few earth pieces. Ozai  should have long hair, topless 6 pack body and black pants, and a double sided face- one with fear, while the other with determination. He should come with large fire pieces and some trans red pieces to stick to his feet, displaying him on his fire jets, and lightning bolts.

The reason I prefer the large fire pieces are that the comet was present, enhancing firebending.

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