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Hot Rod Pickup Truck


This vehicle is a large scale model of a non-existing car or truck on the road. This model is simply a custom vehicle with a large detailed engine, interior, and rear bed and fuel tank. The wheels are a custom design using a cone piece connected to the protruding axle piece, and connected to the cone piece is the large disk piece, covering the inside of the wheel. On the dish piece is a 1x1 circular tile piece to cover the hole at the top of the dish piece. The engine is using hinge pieces that have the large exhaust pipes exiting from the sides of the engine. The engine itself has a large disk piece connected by many varied bricks. The interior holds two bucket seats, a small dashboard, and an extremely large steering wheel. The bed is taken up mostly by the large fuel tank and where the wheels come in, but somehow there is storage space between the wheels and fuel tank. The doors do not feature any storage space, but have handles for easy access. The front windshield contains transparent pieces that represent glass, but the shaping around it does not actually connect to the roof. Finally, the spoiler at the rear of the vehicle, does not provide any known purpose, but rather is just a crazy detail inspired by the recent Ferrari F40 set. 

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