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LEGO Living Room


Come hang out in the LEGO Living Room! This place has all the items of a modern living room, so you can spend some time here. It has a red couch with four legs, two golden-leg lamp stands with two gold coloured lamps, a wooden floor, a wooden coffee table, a modern black television with a wooden stand, a sand green rug, a grey soda can and a black china plate. The Minifigure is a LEGO birthday cake shirt man.

I think that this would be a set that you could get at least two of, because of its small size, and what you get in it is pretty good. You could add your own Minifigures to this, or you could add more LEGO furniture to this. You could buy this to use for a LEGO house, or to just display it. I think that the price would be around $10-$13 for this. A good price for what you get. So if you like this project then please support it, if you do then I will be very grateful to you. Goodbye!

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