Product Idea

VERTICAL FOREST by Stefano Boeri

Here I present to you the Vertical Forest Tower which is inspired by the work of Stefano Boeri.This one is a concept house, planned for Swizerland. Stefano Boeri is the professor of urban planning at Polytechnic University of Milan.

This sustainable architectural style should represent the skylines of the future. A harmony between human habitat and flora and fauna. I hope you love that kind of skyscrapers as I do :)

The Tower is approx. 25x15x10 cm³ big and containes 1358 pieces.
The Lectern with Whiteboard is approx. 10x11x7 cm³ big and containes 133 pieces.

It also contains a Minifig of the architect and a printed technical drawing.
Everything is made of existing LEGO bricks.

So all in all, the line up is made of 1491 bricks and as its shown it is 26x26x17 cm³ with tower and lectern next to each other.