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American-Style Car Wash


Express Tunnel Car Wash-Coming Soon!!!

As this project is ending soon, I will soon be launching this car wash's successor: the Express Tunnel Car Wash. It will feature 3 top brushes, a front-to-back mitter curtain, tracking wheel blasters, 2 sets of wrap-around brushes, a ProtoVest air dryer, and the new exclusive Sonny's Buff'n'Dry machine! The building will also have new features and more vacuums for wash customers.


Conveyorization Update

A conveyor system will now be included in the set (marked by the yellow on the side left side of the tunnel). Simply line the car's left tire on the yellow line in the tunnel and push it through to use it properly. In addition, an entry display arch and several signs are now added to the tunnel. The plot size will be expanded by another 16 blocks to allow for the conveyor and signs. Some pieces of equipment have also been changed. The sillwashers now have different arm lengths to compensate for the conveyor placement. The high pressure arch is also now a flipping high pressure arch to allow for better cleaning.


PECO Car Wash Tunnel

Completely new tunnel system. Wash Process:

PREWASH-Presoak application via low-pressure arch. CTAs (wheel foamers) apply wheel cleaning solution after first set of wrap-around brushes. Triple foam detergent applied after the first set of wraps from overhead foamer tubes.

FRICTION-Primary cleaning done via a TWC2122S Wrap x2 Top-Brush Combo Module with PE118 rocker panel brushes (beneath top brush) and PE163 van brushes (staggered within second set of wraps). After the high pressure system, a TW800S top brush and WW960ss sillwashers complete the cleaning process. Most of the cleaning in this tunnel is done using these units.

HIGH PRESSURE-Full vehicle high-pressure wash via PE300A61ss arch (with 6 high pressure manifolds) and a pair of free-standing PE140 manifolds. Any remaining coarse dirt or chemicals are blasted off the vehicle's surface.

CARE-Application of TigerShine before high pressure cleaning using 2 overhead foamers and a vinyl curtain for the chemical to run down, increasing visual appeal. Turtle Wax Inferno hot carnauba wax comes after the sillwashers and is applied through a similar system to that of TigerShine (but with different colors). An MC08 side-to-side mitter curtain buffs in the carnauba wax. Another set of CTAs apply wax to the wheels. Clear rinse applied via low-pressure arch. Turtle Wax ICE Instant Shine and then AquaShield are applied through similar arches. 

DRYING-Clear rinse applied via a rainbar arch. 5 blowers then dry the car completely. Tire shine is applied via a TB960ss tire shine applicator during the care and drying processes.

Wash Packages:

Basis: Wash + Dry

Wax + Wheels: Basis Wash + Wheel Wash, Triple Foam, TigerShine, AquaShield

Fire and Ice Polish: Wax + Wheels Wash + Inferno Hot Carnauba Wax, ICE Instant Shine, Wheel Wax, Tire Shine


PEND807 Update

The wash now features an improved drying system and tri-foam applicators. A rain arch, wheel foamers and a high pressure prewash arch are the main new additions to the tunnel. A new finishing curtain with wheel blasters (a Sonny's PEND807 Combo) was also added. All equipment is now colored black to help draw attention to the tunnel signs.


The Shop Update

NOTE: The equipment list is now outdated, so ignore it.

Added a shop and vacuum area to the project. No longer has a pay station due to the shop's creation.


Triple Foam Update

Now 33% shorter to improve playability.

Redid the interior and the triple foam area (see the image showing a top brush). Changed all the arches to a "halo" design. Replaced the tire brushes with full-side brushes.

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