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American-Style Car Wash

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Like many fans, I am somewhat annoyed by the typical unrealistic Lego car wash design. My goal with this idea is to essentially rewrite the definition of "Lego Car Wash" from a purely aesthetic and playable design to a more realistic but still extremely playable design. Basically this is an extended and enhanced version of the car wash included in my other project, the Octan Petrol Station. It features an opening roof, of course, and uses a similar realistic design seen in my previous version. A new type of car would be included in the set. And what proper express car wash wouldn't include a pay station? The set would feature 1277 bricks (minifigures not included).

Please leave feedback on the design. Every comment will help with the project.

Not a fan of the American car wash design? I have a model of an Euro-Australian IMO/ARC Car Wash available as well.

List of features:
-Car Wash Building

-Civilian Car

-Max Height Bar
-Pay Station
-Vehicle Blocking Gate
-Foam Arch
-Spider Wrap-Around Scrubber Complex with Front-to-back Curtain
-Triple Foam Arch
-Grill Brush (1 per side)
-Top Brush
-Side Brush (1 per side)
-Side-to-Side Curtain
-Tire/Wheel Brush (1 per side)
-RAIN-X Arch
-Clear Coat Arch
-Arch (2)
-Air Dryer Arch w/ Elephant Ear Dryers

-Attendant (2)

**NOTE**: The curtains in this car wash model are made using flexible pieces.

The car wash exit with new air dryers.

The car wash entrance. One of the white panels would be an informational sign showing the features of each while the other would be a wash selection indicator sign.

The new payment station with the car. The white panel would show the prices of each wash.

The new interior layout, with top opened. NOTE: It might look like the scrubbers are blocking a car's path, but their design enables them to move out of the car's path. In reality, scrubbers often are designed to wash a car's front, sides, and back, so therefore they usually seem to block a car's path.

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