Product Idea

Scania P320 6x4

My model is based on a Scania P320 6x4, one of the most famous, and well used truck brands. In my opinion it would be a great product, because the original truck is stylish, and cool looking, but most importantly useful. Scania has fans all around the world, and some of them are presumably LEGO fans too, and this model should be a perfect gift for them. 

My model has a fair amount of playing features. It has deployable outriggers on the sides, below the crane. The crane is fully functioning, it can turn around in a full circle, and lift the palettes that are part of the LEGO set. 
The truck has cool features too. It has a steering axle in the front, openable doors, adjustable air spoilers on the sides of the cabin, a fully furnished interior, and openable sides on the truck bed. The top of the cabin can be removed, to see into the interior.