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Iron man Hall of Armor

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Iron man Hall of Armor based on Iron man 3 movie.

This is Tony Stark's armor display at the workshop from the Iron man movie.

*Edited design on 5/26 (removed the use of clip to hold the tile).
The new changes kept the overall design except I used the space to recreate the shape of the transparent glasses (side view). All photos have been updated accordingly. Hope everyone likes it. Cheers!

This set comes with the following:

- 7 Hall of Armor for Mk I to Mk VII
- Lego Mk I to Mk VII minifigures (Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, Mk iV, MK V to be offically made by Lego).
- Tony Stark minifigure
- Mechanical Robot: Jarvis
- Desk with MkXLII armors (helmet, mask, 2 hands, 2 arms)
- Stage for Tony Stark

This is an excellent set to have Lego officially release Mk I to Mk V minifigures in one box! The Hall of Armor do not take up a lot of space and it is a very nice way to organize and display the Lego Iron man minifigures. It comes with all the essential parts from the movie scene while does not require a lot of bricks to make. It can fit as a medium size Lego set to keep the price low for Lego fans. Vote and ask your friend to vote if you like to have MK I to MK V release and a nice minifigure display in one set.


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