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Modified Stealth Millennium Falcon

This is a set based on the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon from Lego. It includes an original radar dish, modified landing gear, and many extra hoses, taps and modified grill tiles. Also a new color scheme. The piece count of this project is close to 6,000.

This is what The Falcon would look like if the Empire got a hold of one of these ships and modified it for stealth capabilities. The Dark Blue and Black color scheme would blend in better in space and the stealth emitters (modified grill tiles) keep it hidden from Rebel radar.

More detailed landing gear with lots of hoses!

Next generation, low profile radar dish.

Rear engine section.

Underside and front of the model. You can see the extra panel I made up of various parts to fill the hole in the front section between the wings. This section always bothered me on the original model and I really wanted some "greebils" in there.

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