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Space Training HQ


Welcome to Space Training Head Quarters. This modern day glass building provides a great location for all you budding astronauts to develop your skills.

Ground level-
Physical fitness is key to becoming the next Neil Armstrong, so push yourself in our multipurpose gymnasium.

Level 1-
Join our training programme and talk to the guys who have been there and done it.
Courses run from beginners through to graduation level. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic crew will explain all the theory necessary to get your grades.

Level 2-
Why not relax and share stories with colleagues in the canteen. Grab a bite to eat or simple just rest and admire the views.

Possibly the most exciting and daring department is our purpose built weightlessness chamber. Fully dressed in state of the art suites, you will undergo many tests whilst being monitored by our team of experts.

When you arrive, please swipe your entrance card and join our colleagues on level 1 for your induction. Access to all levels is via our glass lift down the corridor to your right.

Please be warned, visitors and students are restricted from entering the Weightlessness Control Room unless unaccompanied by one of our team and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be worn during this time.

Everyone is welcome, the Sky is not the limit! There is no limit.....

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