Product Idea

Hover Scout and Recharge Dock

Hover Scout Mark 3 - Even more playability


This third revision of the design sees the addition of a new Portable Equipment Pack (PEP) - the Atmospheric Scanner. The dock also has a new area where which stores whichever PEP is not being used, enabling Dave and Nigel to swap about and use what best suits their needs on the day.

The PEPs are built on a very simple standard, using 1x1 stud feet that hook nicely into the rear of the Scout. They are very easy to build. I hope that this will encourage others to devise the own PEPs, and share their creations online for others to use.

The new Atmospheric Scanner in use

Revised Dock showing PEP area

Performing the old "switcharoo"

Other revisions include adding a few green and metallic silver elements to the Data Station, and some detailing to the rear of the Scout while adding some extra strength to the engine areas.

New playability addon and detailing tweaks


What a great start to the project - thanks so much for all your support everyone. Hopefully we can push on and break the 1000+ barrier to get the first official Lego comment - which would be a brilliant milestone.

There have been some good independent reviews of the project so far. Thank you for these, they have been a great help in getting the set noticed.

Bricksets Review
Brickfanatics Review

I've been listening to constructive feedback and working through my own to do list. This update gives the Hover Scout some mild extra detailing with:-

  • Engines are now mounted on metallic silver round plates
  • The engine stop tiles have changed to metallic silver
  • New print for rear computer
  • Added dial to centre console for detailing
  • Changed the blue trans tiles to metallic silver grilles
  • Side lights are now on stalks - easier to pick up with thumb and finger to swoosh!
  • Slight redesign to rear seating area to accommodate new equipment addition :-)
  • I've experimented with grille stickers front and rear

The biggest upgrade is a brand new playability addon. Dave and Nigel can now fit The Seismic Probe into the rear of the Hover Scout. Leave it on the planet surface to gather data. Program it from the rear of the Scout. Establish radio comms from the Data Station.

Perhaps Dave and Nigel can explain what they do with it in this short video.


Here's some new pics of the scout with the Seismic Probe on and off board

The new Seismic Probe

Dave and Nigel prepare to load

Locked and loaded

All aboard - fire up the engines

Full thrust - engines swung up into top position


Close up render showing some of the new components


Original concept render of the Seismic Probe


Landing on a Classic Crater plate concept render


I've tried not to deviate (so far) from my original brief of keeping things simple. The Seismic Probe doesn't add many pieces and it's still easily buildable by a youngster. This update hopefully adds a little extra flair and depth that the Mk 1 Hover Scout lacked, and provides a great play opportunity for those youngsters amongst us!