Product Idea

Hover Scout and Recharge Dock

Hover Scout and Docking Station

Who doesn't love a bit of Classic Space? With the groovy new green spacemen that appeared in official sets some months ago, I thought I'd have a go myself and expand their universe with a little something...

I wanted to come up with a set that would work as a vignette, be a fun build and have that playable *swooshability* factor thrown in for good measure. The easy ability to use two sets together built back to back could broaden appeal.

Rather than base the idea on just digital renderings, to ensure the set could come in at a decent budget and still be entertaining to build, I designed it mainly with parts that I've obtained the Lego Brand Store Pick-a-Brick walls, and have built it in the real world.

Coming in at around the 350 pieces mark this should be an easy set to produce - and have a sensible RRP.

Hover Scout
Pilot the Hover Scout with its AGE drive (Anti Gravity Engine) providing lift and thrust over planetary surfaces. Comms and surveying equipment built in for 2nd mate operation, or use the extra space to seat a 3rd person to become a quick personal transporter.

Recharge Dock
Land on the magnetic plates to re-energise the AGE. Download your gathered data to the attached Data Station. Dismount and await your next sortie.

Data Station
Analyse gathered data on the workstation computer banks. Kick back, hang up your airtanks and take a seat. Play cards. Maybe drink some tea.

If you like the concept, please show your support. Hopefully this set could be a reality some day.