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World Bicycle Day (June 3)

Each year, on June 3, it's WORLD BICYCLE DAY ! One of the funniest and most popular outdoor activities ! Whether you do biking/cycling alone, with your friends or with your family members, biking is great for your body, your mind and your mood :) And what better way to celebrate this awesome activity by immortalizing it as a LEGO IDEAS set !

Biking is like LEGO: it's awesome fun, no matter your age ! :) 

To celebrate the World Bicycle Day, I did a small diorama that is depicting my early years of biking alongside my friends. We used to do biking mostly in forests and green areas, for we lived in cities with lots of trees and trails and very bloomed streets. I am still doing cycling today, but not as often as I used to do when I was a bit younger. Still, I cherish my bicycle as much as before :)
If you share the same passion as I do for LEGO and biking, please hit the yellow SUPPORT button, and if we are lucky enough, we'll reach the 10,000 supporters needed and maybe see the World Bicycle Day get an official LEGO IDEAS set :) 
Thank you very much for your time and consideration,
To all LEGO builders, have the best of day,

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