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Cavemen Adventures The Mammoth Clan


Thanks as always for the view, drop me a link for any project any time. This build is just under 3000 pieces. The mammoth is 1750 pieces and the sabertooth cat is 550 pieces, which accounts for 2300 pieces of this build alone. I have little doubt most would have a blast building both these long since extinct animals, as well as the entire ice age diorama.

Close your eyes and go back to somewhere around 40,000 B.C., right in the middle of the Ice Age in a time long way before hand held computers. Everything you took from the world you earned with the true sweat of your brow, in a life full of hardships we could never fully understand. I think this diorama captures the true essence of that time period and what it would have meant to be a prehistoric caveman or woman or animal in that most unique time period. 

The Mammoth Clan has been caught off guard and find themselves in the middle of a saber tooth cat and woolly mammoth encounter right in front of their cave. Can they some how turn this unexpected situation in their favor before the day is over.

This set comes with the unique base plate patch of snow, the cave, the fire pit, Four cavemen with spears, three unique trees, a saber tooth cat which is 550 pieces alone, and finally perhaps my own personal favorite creation of any type of organic life form I have attempted to build thus far, the towering woolly mammmoth. A whopping 1750 pieces alone in this big beast, and I promise you every countless hour I have spent online and brick in hand over the last few years, has helped me get to the point to where I could create something like this on such a large scale. As far as the saber tooth cat it alone is a fantastic little piece and I think compliments the mammoth and entire scene nicely. As it is a theme all ages, all genders, all cultures can relate to. The story of who we are, and where we come from in one great scene full of playability or display options.

Thanks again and please check out some of my other builds if you get time.

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