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Operation: Steam Knights - Sir Benedict

Operation: Steam Knights

Concept - Set in a medieval kingdom, long ago in a distant land, wars were not fought using horses, but horse power!

NAME: Sir Benedict

BIOGRAPHY: Sir Benedict is a knight in the court of Emperor Rex. As such he has access to the Steam Knight technology and utilises a mecha armour he named "Stormcloud". Benedict and Stormcloud have guarded the castle of the Emperor for all of his adult life and will continue to do so till his last breath. No one is more devoted to his Emperor than Benedict.
WEAPONS: Benedict wields a silver blade he dubbed "Thundercrack" which is enchanted, enhancing his striking speed and throwing out sparks as he battles.

WEAKNESS: Stormcloud is heavily shielded around the cockpit, but vulnerable at the waist and legs. Benedict is not strong enough to wield Thundercrack without Stormcloud, which means he needs to carry additional weapons into battle should he be left without his armour.

ENEMIES: As a guardian of the Throne Room, any opponent of the Emperor is considered his enemy regardless of whether they are elf, dwarf, ogre or human.

This 271 piece set includes:

Minifig pilot, Sir Benedict, customised long handled silver sword, opening hatch on chest to remove pilot, over 12 points of articulation. Figure is designed to interact with the weapons and tools of any previous Operation: Steam Knights set design.

Shown with pilot removed and cockpit open.

Rear view.

Demonstrating sword weapon.

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