Product Idea


Inspired by requests from the great supporters of Micro-Dinosaurs, MachineWolf7 presents, Micro-Ice-Era (MIE). Named for mammals of the pre-historic era, particularly the infamous Ice Age, the project has been called Ice-Era to avoid potential confusion with a similarly named movie.

Proposed in this project, are several brick built mammals, using only currently existing LEGO parts. The base project is proposing 9 different species, though the updates will include other potential expansions, as well as, requests made by supporters.


Chalicotherium: A very unusual species of mammal, Chalicotherium resemble a cross between apes and equine species. This model contains roughly 23 pieces and 9 points of articulation.

Coelodonta: An extinct species of Rhino, the Coelodonta is believed to have had thick hair on their bodies. This model contains roughly 33 pieces and 5 points of articulation.

Deinotherium: Looking much like modern day elephants, Deinotherium had a pair of tusks protruding from its lower lip, rather than the upper jaw. This model contains roughly 33 pieces, and 9 points of articulation.

Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus): A now extinct relative of the modern day wolf (Canis Lupis), the Dire Wolf is slightly larger then its present cousin. The model is composed of roughly 23 pieces and has 10 points of articulation.

Glyptodon: A large, armadillo like mammal, the Glyptodon is one of the more unique looking creatures from the ancient era. This model contains roughly 22 pieces, and 9 points of articulation.

Mammoth: One of the more well known creatures from this era, the Mammoth looks much like a hairy elephant. Contains roughly 32 pieces and 8 points of articulation.

Megaloceros: A now extinct species of deer, the Megaloceros feature a unique rack of horns, which could grow quite large compared with modern day deer. This model contains roughly 37 pieces and 8 points of articulation

Megatherium: One of the largest land mammals ever found, the Megatherium was a giant land sloth. This model features 24 pieces and 8 points of articulation.

Smilodon: Known as the saber-tooth cat, the Smilodon is another well known creature from the Ice Age. The model contains roughly 24 pieces, and has 8 points of articulation.


Any thoughts, concerns, criticisms, and suggestions for other creatures are welcome. Feel free to check the updates as well, and see what's new.


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