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World Trade Center (Original)


My own version of a World Trade Center set for the LEGO Architecture series. I loved the simplicity of the Empire State Building (21002) and other early Architecture sets and wished to create something similar for one of my favorite places: the original WTC. Of course part of the building site is diagonal, 7 World Trade has angled sides, and the hotel isn't a straight line either so some less-than-simple design was required. The use of wing plates and older hinge bricks resolved these for the most part. It has been nearly a year of redesigns to keep this simplistic and as to-scale as possible while including the entire complex of buildings.

This proposed set contains minimal special elements and attempts to utilize a confined distribution of element types and colors for ease of production and rebuild value.

183 Elements. Approximately 5" x 4" wide and 5.5" tall (12.8cm x 10.4cm x 13.8cm).


Thank you,

Tom S.

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