Product Idea

Lego Overhead Contact System (L.O.C.S.)

In my opinion, Lego has made many trains with use less details.  (sorry Lego)  The phonograph on the top of the train has no Overhead Contact System to draw power from.  Now some might argue that the trains are hybrids, meaning that the have an engine and use electricity from an O.C.S., but then why have the phonograph when there is no O.C.S.?

My project is a Lego Overhead Contact System so those phonographs have a purpose. An Overhead Contact System is the wire that runs above the track to deliver power to trains with phonographs.  It uses the Strap element as the catenary wire, the dropper, and the contact wire.  This Idea was made to add detail to Lego layouts that have trains that have phonographs.