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Lego Ninjago Museum of History


Hi Everyone.

I have made the Museum of History from Ninjago. 

It is a replica of the room in the episode 'Winds of Change'.

It will include deepstone lloyd with his normal determined face and his concerned face from the show. It will also come with the sandy variant of Morro with the allied armour of A'Zure which will have the symbol on it. And Finally the third minifigure in this set is the night watchman  who will come with his towel and worried face. The set includes the bronze serpentine statue which will be in bronze but is currently gold, The stone warrior statue, a picture of Master Chen, the night watchman's axe, the crate that spills sand, Sensei Wu's teapot crates with other objects and a shelf with books and ornaments.

The doors and front wall open up to allow more play.

The set will come with lots of spare pieces and a seperator and although it is a bulky build with 779 pieces, the number of pieces can be reduced.

This set would make a great addition to LEGO ninjago scenes and would fit in well as a LEGO City museum.

Well that's all so please support and if this set gets 10,000 I will start a wave of new sets here are some:

Lego Ninjago The Preeminent, Lego Ninjago Ninja vs Sand Warriors and an adventure time project.

Your support would be gladly appreciated and if you have any requests I will try my best to fulfil them,


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