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Thunderbirds Collection


Thunderbirds Collection 1 2 3 & 4.

The Thunderbirds was a British TV show which ran for two great seasons in 1965/66, which used electronic marionette puppets. 

It was about a father and his sons who ran a secret international rescue team from a secret location known as Tracy island.

The collection is around 1800 pieces with all mini figure scale vehicles ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR, as well as the three remote controlled vehicles as well via the Mole drill pic #9, the harpoon RCV pic # 10, and the survelance RCV pic #11.

I think it's just a matter of time until a Thunderbird design hits 10,000, why not this one? As all seven vehicles are well designed and have much mini figure playability.

Much thought an time went into engineering the number TWO, where as those RCV boxes drop down, as four landing legs fold down, everything fits cleanly, and there is a 4 person crew. Two up front and two in the back see pic # 8.

Also making those three RCV's small enough to fit in those three green drop down boxes was a real challenge.

Thanks for the vote!