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Project: Zelda


This is my Legend of Zelda Project. It is based on the recently announced Zelda game for Wii U.

As very little is known about this new title in the series, I have based the set on the announcement video, which shows Link, who we assume to be Epona and some sort of giant Beamos Monster. (I'll refer to it as the Beamos Monster for now as it's not been named that I am aware of.)

The set itself is made from 436 bricks in total, this includes, Link, Epona, the Beamos Monster and some accessories. I specifically chose this new Zelda as no new molds would be needed.

The Beamos Monster has six posable legs and a rotating head. And would need some custom printing on it's body and possibly it's head.

Link would need custom printing on his chest, arms and legs, and would also come with a bow, sword, shield, and green cloak and hood. The latter three would need custom prints on them too.

Epona comes with her saddle and a backpack to attach to it, and would need her mane and tail coloured correctly.


The only difficulties I could see with his project would be obtaining the 10,000 supporters and licensing from Nintendo.

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