Harry Potter Black family's house

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An important place from Harry Potter and, maybe, a must have set.
It was very intresting to create this project and I hope the people will support that building..

Special thanks to WipeoutZone for rendering the main image of the project

Inside look, it has a dining room, Sirius's room, the restroom at second floor and balcony, the third floor and a little attic above the dining room.

The hallway with a little table, boxes, the walls are old and we can see the bricks coming out and the dining room with long table where the Order of the Pheonix often is. The clock, one armchair, some papers on the floor and a table with a vase.

Sirius room with one green armchair and a big picture where his family tree is shown.

The third floor is quite small, but it is enough for one chair, owl, and one window here opens.

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