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This is a 3D model of a chihuahua dog which is made with a simple mechanism to be able to move parts of your body which are: legs (with 3 points of articulation in the 4), tail (with 2 points of articulation) and Ears.The model contains as main colors: black and light coffee but can be adapted to more colors like: light coffee with white or brown only. I decided to build this model because I believe that the idea of a Chihuahua dog that can articulate is an innovative idea that had not been seen.

I would like it to become a lego set since as I said before I think it is an innovative and fun idea, I do not mean just a 3d model of a chihuahua if not all types of dogs and animals. In short I think it should become a great new LEGO set because it is an innovative idea which I think may interest many people

If you like my idea support me with your support would be very helpful and I will be completely grateful, I hope you like it

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