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Grandma and Grandpa's House in the Woods

The people everyone miss right now are Grandparents. Everything is always better at their house. There are fresh baked cookies, endless supply of hugs, and so much more. My lego set consists of 1696 pieces and 7 minifigure. Each minifigure is in a different position. The daughter minifigure on the front lawn in playing with her Granparents' dog. The Grandma is watching her Granddaughter have fun with her dog. The Dad minifigure is on an angry business call. Inside the house, the Grandpa minifigure is watching the news on the TV. The son minifigure is devouring a hot dog. The teenage daughter minifigure is quite yet ready to come out of quarantine and is listening to music in her room. The other daughter minifigure is playing in her playhouse/tree house pretending to be a pirate.

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