Product Idea

Ship Of My Dreams

The great ship of my dreams has weighed anchor! Come on board of the Old Sea Bass!

This flying ship is full of magic rooms like the room of library for reading books and comics, board games and card games for playing, the room of toys, minifigs and treasures, the room of the observatorium with a telescope and a planetarium dedicated to space observation and also sea exploration with portholes! There is also a weather station on the roof. This is an ancient reconditioned ship which is the reason of the name Old Sea Bass. With this craft the crewship is going to discover many worlds, universes, people, extraterrestrials and play with them to unexplored games! Welcome to Dreamland!

This idea is inspired by a dream from my childhood with a giant flying boat with everything on board: a library with books, comics and mangas, a botanical garden, a room with toys, board and card games, an observatorium with a star map of every galaxies of the universe etc etc... It's just a dream and the reality is full of challenges sometimes hard, but think big and never give up!
I realised this boat to see a little piece of dream realised.

The creation is technically inspired by many pirates ships from LEGO Pirates series and Pirates of the Carribeans. I used manuals from different sets to help me building structures.

  • I have added luminous bricks for a better view of the inside. Of course they unfortunately doesn't exist in real life.

  • I also create the Old Sea Bass flag with Illustrator and BrickLink Part Designer.

  • I have created the Old Sea Bass logo and posters with Illustrator.

  • I have created the video of construction which is on Youtube with Premiere Pro, After Effect and Blender. Look at the updates for the link.

  • I have added the crewship of my dreams: look at the links in the updates, it's my Flickr page. The crew is based on the best friends from my childhood, including:
         Mickaël (me!)
         and the Paprika robot which love digital pizzas!

Thanks for your time and your vote!