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Ninjago Modular: Benny's Arcade Emporium

Dear builder,

To go along with my other modular, I present to you my next project: Benny's Arcade Emporium (seriously, who wouldn't want another Ninjago modular?). This build seems as if it has just popped out from season 12, but there are also a few Easter-eggs from other seasons.

This build has 1672 pieces, and like in the show, it has only one level apart from the roof.

- - -

Benny's Arcade Emporium

When one enters the arcade, they will remain open mouthed. Here, it's impossible not to find a videogame that you enjoy. On one of the walls, there is an interesting design that gives the build a pop of colour and makes the build feel more like an arcade. The floor is even tiled like a chess board. The videogames in Benny's Arcade Emporium include:

- Prime Empire
- Lava Zombies
- Spaceman
- Conic the Ratboy
- Turbo Speed Brawler
- Level Higher
- Fist to Face
- Let's Dance
- Racing365
- Top Dunk
- Jackpot 777

The secret videogame store

If you go through the wooden door you will find yourself in the secret videogame store that Benny also owns. There are various different videogames are stocked in shelves and also a few posters on the wall. Benny also sells talking ninja dolls.

The minifigures

The 4 minifigures that make a crucial part of this project are Jay, Benny (the owner), Nelson and Leroy.

- - -

Thank you for stopping by. If you want this modular building to be part of your collection, consider supporting this project and sharing it with your friends.

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