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Mindfulness Lego


Mindfulness Lego.

We have all seen and possibly enjoyed the latest craze in calm and well-being that is ‘mindful coloring’.  Targeted initially at adults and now children, ‘mindful coloring’ has taken the world by storm in both gifting giving and personal relaxation practice.

Here is my interpretation of ‘mindful coloring’ using the glorious product that is Lego.

Imagine packaged as a partitioned box (similar to a fishing tackle box) with different shapes and sizes of flat Lego tiles.

Imagine a Lego building board with a beautiful pattern printed on it.  Perhaps a flower or a Mandala or the Bat Cave.

Now using your creativity, color the pattern or Mandala in using the beautiful smooth colored flat Lego tiles.

If you are feeling creative, use your imagination and create your own picture or Mandala on a blank Lego building board.

Everyone wants to play with Lego.

Now mum can get in on the action and enjoyment that playing with Lego brings.  Sit quietly with a cup of tea and create something beautiful.

Perfect for calming children of all ages.

Move away from screens and harness your creative power and tactical learning to produce calm and focus and mindfulness.

I simply love this idea and hope you do to.

Please like my idea and thank you for your support.

Karina Jarnell, Cambridge, New Zealand.


I'm not one for writing descriptive pieces.  These are some words I thought of to describe how I think this product will make people feel.

Lego ideas creative.  Calm and fun and ease.  Mindfulness Lego.  Colour, bright, smooth, feel, tactile.  Flat, square, circle, rod. Create.  Mandala, design, flow, feel, touch. Calm, quiet, ease.  Achieve, pride, genius, muse, smile, joy.

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