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Ant3stacya is a well-tempered insect constantly on the run, driven by her curiosity. She keeps exploring the last corner accessible, eager to avoid any obstacles. Being shy by nature, she retreats when approached and will only attack when cornered. Thanks to her gentle character you can readily release her in your home, although she might scare you little sister with her determined mechanical look and motion. When things go off hand, return her with the remote control to you. She is easy to steer thanks to the EV3 brick that exactly keeps track of the position of every one of the six legs. So their coordination is not your problem.

There is a number of amazing hexapods presented on the internet. However, none of them comes close to an ant shaped body being able to carry the weight of the EV3 brick. The core challenge was to generate a wasp waist insect with full steering capabilities and enough power and stiffness to carry all the weight. The dimensions of the body are determined by the size of the motors, so there is not much room for further optimization. The key problem was the play of the bearings of the entire motion chain, which in most larger designs make the entire body shaky. This was overcome by locking the play of the bearings with the limited motion range of the frames holding the parallelogram legs. This makes the entire body rigid and reliable.

There is enough motor power for further extending the leg length and geometry. Ant3stacya can readily be upgraded with a photodetector that allows sensing optical pheromone traces and reacting to them. Even an additional motor can be integrated in the head for eye motion or active jaws