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Skill Tester Game!


LEGO Skill Tester Machine!

Our latest project is one of the most beloved, and loathed, arcade games of all time; The Skill Tester!

We all know the frustration of trying to get that stuffed-toy version of our favourite movie character, coin after coin lost to what is undoubtedly a rigged machine. So we've made one in LEGO!

Our first prototype is a medium sized build which allows the player to manually push a prize into the prize shoot, for this example we have used Little Green Aliens. 

Our prototype uses a wheel, and an R2D2 leg, as shown in the photo above, to achieve the goal of knocking a figure into the hole by turning the grey Technic piece on the side.

A set of this calibre would add an all new dimension to LEGO play; allowing for games, randomized selection of pieces or figures, as well as testing one's Skill-Tester skills!

We are currently practicing with Technic and Power Function pieces so our upcoming Updates will eventually feature a larger, fully operational prototype.

Mr 6 and I thank you for taking the time to check out our project, it was originally posted as part of his 365 Project, and *high fives* to everybody who clicks Support, thanks!

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