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Advanced castle series(Under revision due to new guidelines, vote on how to change it!)

*Because of the new house rules, this project must be updated by the time it reaches 1,000 supporters. My choices are as following:
1. I could pick one set and stick with it.
2. I could mash it into a Creator-style set with more than one build option.
3. I could abandon the project.
To decide, I will be starting a poll in the comment section. Please vote by number.

My idea is that TLG should make a series of more advanced castles for older or advanced builders. These models would teach people how to make things like working drawbridges, realistic landscapes, and how to use the cobblestone wall technique. The series could be composed of larger sets such as the one shown above and smaller ones, like the landscape pack. These models would have modular bases so they can connect with each other

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Castle Ruins.
This medium-sized set would teach people how to use SNOT (Studs Not On Top) to make lakes or rivers.

Here is the landscape pack. It would include a tree, plants and bushes, and pieces to build a road. you could also switch the blue board on the bottom for the green one on the top to make part of a lake.

Another view of the largest set in the series. I will be updating it soon.

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