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Sons Of The Ninja: Escape From Haunted Temple


My concept of the ninja from Ninjago's kids is called Ninjago: Sons of the Ninja. It's called NInjago: Sons of the Ninja.

Basic Information
The model is about 7 inches tall and includes exactly 800 bricks.

Model Description
My concept of the ninja having kid's third set- Escape from Haunted Temple- includes many cool features. In the bottom of the temple, there is a prison with a wall in the middle and a bed on each side of the wall. In the second floor, there is a golden table with a pretzel and a hot dog on it, and the floor is in a checkered pattern. There is also the attic, where you find a spring-loaded shooter hidden behind the roof above the entrance to the temple.

There are 7 minifigures. There is Zach (Zane's son, titanium metallic and white), Nancy (Nya's daughter, light blue and dark red), Jason (Jay's son, dark blue and blue), Caleb (Cole's son, dark gray and black), Pythor (purple and trans. blue-violet mix), Titanirai (non-tailed, titanium metallic and transparent), and



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