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Deep Space Carrier


I feel that there is a large community of Lego fans out there who are interested in micro-scale building as it allows us to achieve more creativity with less bricks, yet achieve a scale otherwise impossible to do with limited bricks. 

This is more so for massive space ships that need to be rendered in a size that is both manageable for the builder, as well as for playability. 

This micro scale spaceship is built in a 1:700 scale configuration and measures just under 50 centimeters in actual length. It sports a double clam-shell hull, with sloped sides made possible from hinge plates. For a sense of scale, 2 launch bays are visible on the top side of the vessel, with some photos revealing 2 smaller craft emerging from the bays. 

Once again, I believe in the huge potential of micro-scale Lego especially for space themes. In this instance, LESS IS TRULY MORE.

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