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RC(Recreation Center)

Lego Modular Building "RC" for Teens.

Construction carried out in 2009, for my daughters when they were teenagers.

Using old parts(bricks) with low cost, current colors (Orange and Reddish Brown).
Revised model before publication and used some new decoration elements.

Model lets you play with your "minifigures".

1ºFloor (Living/Play room)(completely decorated)

a) The height is higher in one "brick" due to the use of of the Spiral Staircase.
b) Floor pattern set, furniture, snack-bar and its accessories, stove, pictures, lights, etc.

This floor is provided completely designed.

2ºFloor (Billiard room and Bathrooms)

It was not decorated (due to the maximum 3000 bricks rule)
& allow the builder to collaborate in its decoration and completion, in my perspective this is the idea of LEGO, allowing creativity and and cognitive development.


a) Bathrooms.
b) Billiards table and club support.
c) Balcony.

It is missing (furniture, floor, lights, shelves, pictures, TV, etc.).
Multiple points are available for fixing elements.


a) Big removable skylight.

A traditional in Scale LEGO Modular Building.
Simple, easy-to-build techniques.

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