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2016 Honda HR-V


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Greeting fellow Ideas members!


Introducing my first compact SUV, the 2016 Honda HR-V! It is really great for small city streets and running errands.  The front end features a sleek grille style with headlights that stretch into the hood. There is also fog lights built into the front bumper. Big thanks to LegoBricker for helping with the grey line on the front grille. Under the hood is a small but powerful 4 cylinder engine. The interior is rather simple. It contains three black seats, a steering column, a set of speedometers, and a completed dash. The exterior of the cabin has black mirrors and door handles. The rear door handles are the black pieces behind the right side rear window.  The rear of the cab stays really close to the original SUV. it has the taillights that rap around and go down into the reverse lights. It also has red deflectors in the bottom of the bumper. It also has a rear hatch door handle in between the taillights. The SUV is in Lego's olive green color. This set contains 113 bricks and could easily sell in the $10 to $15 US currency range. 

Thank you all for supporting! Once we crack 10 supports, there will be an update!

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